The Bottom Line

Vintage cameraWhen I started my photography business in 2008, I learned the hard way that I am not a salesperson. Packages, hourly rates, add-ons… forget it. If I’m going to do the work that I love–that is, capturing your moments and preparing your images–I need the back end to be really simple. And so, I offer one package. Just one! The wedding pricing includes roughly everything: an engagement shoot, an assistant photographer, full wedding day coverage, high-res digital files of all final images, an album, and a hilarious and charming personality behind the lens {ahem}.

For portrait sessions, the same deal holds: one fee, lots of pretty pictures.

Of course, if you want more (or less), I’m happy to oblige. But when you hire me, rest easy knowing that I’m a full-transparency kind of gal. I like it simple and clean, the same way I like my images.

The bottom line is that you are investing in images of your family which will be towards the top of your “Items To Save If My House Ever Caught On Fire” list.  These photographs are glimpses of fleeting moments in your life that are worth preserving. They tell the story of who you are–the way your eyes crinkle in the corners when you smile, how you gather your children onto your lap, how you were so young and how you grew–and that, above all, is worth every penny.